July 6, 2022

How to choose the right Web designer?

Nick Rybak
Nick Rybak

How do you know that the recommended designer is a good one? What should guide you when choosing a designer for your website? How do you distinguish a bad designer from a good one? How much does a designer’s job cost?

In today’s blog post, we will try to answer all these questions and make sure that after reading, you will immediately find the right designer for your website! And if you decide that no one can do the design better than you, there will be a bonus for you at the end - several free landing page templates for Figma. Let’s start!

Where to look for designers?

First of all, you need to see the portfolios. To have a more extensive selection of designers, we should go to specialized sites where website designers share their works or sell their services. Here are a few of them:

You will find any designers on these sites - web, graphic, 3-d, motion, and illustrators.

foursets dribbble profile
Foursets Dribbble Profile

How much does a designer’s job cost?

The labor cost of designers is a rather abstract issue. It depends on the location where the designer lives, his experience and workload, on the language he speaks. As a rule, prices start at $5 per hour for the junior designers (this does not mean they are unprofessional, but finding a good one among them will be much more complicated than among experienced ones). You may find a pretty good designer with a $20 per hour rate. Professional and famous designers charge above $50 per hour. But if it’s a standard e-e-commerce store or a simple landing page of your services - you don’t need to pay that much. An average-priced designer who makes a good and user-friendly website design will be enough.

Upwork's Talents List
Upwork's Talents List

How to find the right designer for my website

Once we have decided where to look for designers and how much their services cost, it’s time to choose a contractor. What you should pay attention to when choosing:

Availability of relevant projects in the portfolio

The essential criterion will be the availability of tasks relevant to your website when choosing a designer. For example, if your website is about crypto-currencies, you should search similar works through your chosen site (for example, dribbble). This will help you pick a designer who already understands your business, product, or service. He has already studied the topic, talked with a previous customer, and asked him questions about what he wanted to see and the core of his business.

Matching visual style

Choosing a designer whose work you do not like, will be strange. Therefore, a fundamental criterion for choosing will be if you like the designer’s portfolio. If you do not like the released projects, you should not expect that you will like his work on your website. Just find someone who makes the best design for you.

Working conditions

This can vary significantly from designer to designer. Someone works on full prepayment, and someone charges after fulfilling the task. Someone prefers payment in one transaction; someone splits it into parts and receives it after the completion design stages. A designer can be more productive in the morning or night and better not forget about time zones. Therefore, you should understand how you are going to work. When to pay, what payment systems to use, at what time to communicate, and when you expect the final result.

Website development

It would help if you thought about it even before working on the site’s design. The design can significantly depend on the platform where you will develop the site. For example, we do design at Foursets and develop it in Webflow. It saves time during the design phase during development and thus reduces the cost of designing and developing websites for our clients. Therefore, we recommend choosing a platform (for example, Webflow, Wix, etc.) and informing the designer about it or order development from him if he also provides such a service.


Zeus UI free cloneable image preview
Zeus UI

In conclusion, we would recommend choosing a designer with your heart. Choose a person you enjoy working with and who will try to release the pain point for which the site was made, who will be your partner, not just a one-job performer draw. 

The free Figma templates are waiting for you here.

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